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Product introduction
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Product introduction
The performance test

This company produces tensile aluminum non-stick pan and FORGE aluminum non-stick pan

Product types and specifications

Pan: stretching from 12 cm to 40 cm; Imitation pressure from 18 cm - 32 cm

Pan: from 20 cm - 32 cm

Soup pot: from 16 cm - 32 cm

Frying pan: from 20 cm - 32 cm

Milk pan: from 14 cm - 20 cm

Hot pot: 28 cm

Type points at the bottom of the bottom and does not cover bottom

The bottom of the cover:Can do all kinds of pattern covering the bottom, can be in induction cooker, etc

All kinds of heating on the stove

Don't cover the bottom:Can do printing, car, spray, etc., all cannot be used on induction cooker

Bakelite handle, give ear, cover drop points, stainless steel, bakelite, silicone, stainless steel package silicone, bakelite, silicone, bakelite spray paint spray type

Toughened glass, casting glass cover cover cover points, such as tensile aluminum cover and stainless steel cover types

The non-stick coatings can be divided into water based non-stick and ceramic non-stick

Color can be according to customer needs to make various external coatings

Packaging color box, color card, color standard blister and different ways such as mail box

Product features:

Variety is complete, convenient to choose

Non-stick easy to clean, easy to use

Heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good maintenance properly long service life

Heated evenly, cooking effect is good

Use the matters needing attention

1, please use the wooden shovels, silicone scraper, or heat resistant nylon shovel, avoid to use metal shovel, so as not to damage the surface coating

2, try to use small fire heating, forbidden pot body dry, temperature control within 250 degree

3, use after wash pot body with a sponge or cloth and so on, it is forbidden to use steel wire ball hard cleaning supplies, etc

4, be careful not to cold wash hot pot, and pot body temperature drops again after cleaning, this is the main reason for affecting the service life of non-stick cookware

5, don't long time put salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and other condiments, long time don't have to keep the pot body is dry after cleaning

6, the use of long-term wear of the coating in the star fall off attribute normal phenomenon does not affect the use, won't produce harm to human body

7, use in coating surface minor scratches can not sticky and cooking effect would not be affected

The performance test

The performance test


One,the abrasion test:

1, Calphalon (or Traditional)

Test by 3 m (7447 #), microfiber cloth, the pot body above places a 10 pounds (4.5 Kg) of static pressure on the vertical displacement of about four inches. As a cycle, before and after each 5000 - cycle visual instruments exposed at the grass-roots level, changing microfiber cloth every 10000 times (minimum cycle: second floor coating for 30000 times, three layer coating to 50000 times)

2, CMA

The experiment using a 50 mm diameter # 3 - M7447 microfiber cloth, applied to the total weight of the mat to 2 pounds (908 g) 11 ounces (311 g), (1219 grams). Began experimenting with an hour, every 10 minutes should be check the underlying exposure. Record test does not occur through time (within the test area of 46 square centimeters is less than 3.2 cm square off or no show, said by, conversely said unqualified) test may be more than an hour. Should be in this one hour gap and after each experiment, replace a new microfiber cloth. Record the said by the end of the time.

3, domestic: dupont requirement)

Place the product on the dupont special wear-resisting, 4.9 Kg pressure, add a small amount of detergent and water, the 3 m - 7447 # microfiber cloth, changing a microfiber cloth. Every 250 times in 10 matrix thief termination test, calculate the total number.


Using household detergents smooth surface. On 15 + / - 0.2 N (about 1.5 Kg), the force downward cycle reciprocating movement before and after stent 250 times, changing a wear pads every 50-744700 clean cloth (3 m). Then use clean water to clean the wear surface damage and check whether there is exposed at the grass-roots level. Check whether the inner surface after 250 times by viscosity can not test.

Second, resistant to salt water test

1, Calphalon

Keep the sample in 5% NaCl solution, in the constant temperature box of 80 DHS C take out after 72 h, visual coating surface should be no corrosion, oxidation, deformation, fade, the underlying the phenomenon such as corrosion, rust and bubble, bubble. 15 minutes after the dishwasher test, 12-14 hours to immersed in the solution. And testing with and without corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, red stain, the phenomenon such as peeling, qualified. Note: the drying time depends on the testing of products. Have a rough, concave and convex or similar features of product can be dried for a longer time (no longer than 50 minutes). This is for sure the product dry. To handle with hook and fittings, the drying time of 15 minutes is enough.

2, domestic (QB/T2421-98)

With deionized water or distilled water and sodium chloride (analysis) concentration of 5% NaCl solution into the pot, and make the solution more than 1/2 height of the pot, the fire heated to boiling. Keep the boiling 7 h. Midway through experimental volatilization in the process of fluids to keep the solution concentration is constant. Will pan after 24 h at room temperature, washed with tap water in brine, with soft cloth blot coating surface, visual check immediately. Repeat the above steps, continuous for two times.


Ratio of 10% NaCl salt water injection to more than half of the pot wall height, the heated salt water for 24 hours. Add water to maintain their concentration in the process of constant, can be continuous 24 hours, can each issue 6 hour four periods. The lid cover at all times during this. Cleaning the adhesion after test on the surface of salt, and immediately check in first test whether there is any visible defects.

Three,not sticky:

1, domestic (QB/T2421-98)

Wipe gently with soft cloth stained with vegetable, non-stick coating surface with warm water and detergent with clean water after cleaning, wipe dry. To heat the sample, with the surface thermometer, internal coating surface temperature in 140 DHS C ~ 170 DHS C, after a fresh eggs hatch into the pot, without plant oils or other fatty oil, protein, basic setting (inside the sample surface temperature shall not exceed 210 DHS C, non-metallic shovel with no damage to take out the egg, and can use soft cloth to wipe clean coating on the surface of qualified, three times in a row.

2, CMA

Boycott the burnt milk adhesion test (not glued)

In hot water after using dishwashing liquid wash utensils, wash with hot water, wash in cold water, then dry. Put a glass of milk (about 25 ㎝ 3) in the pan, boil until the liquid milk completely evaporated, formed the milk carbide continue to form heat until evenly brown layer after layer and smoke. At 135 ° Angle edge flush carbide layer, the layer should be able to completely washed away by water, or at room temperature water for 5 minutes, if no residual layer said, there are residual layer is not through.

3, Calphalon

In 3 to 5 minutes, oven burning fire to allow wok to 375 DHS F - £420 DHS F ¨ 188 DHS - 216 DHS £? £such this temperature from a spray some water into the pot. When the heating surface contact of water droplets "evaporate" and "beating" test temperature has been reached. Play an egg in the pot the central, not wobble caused by pan eggs, eggs don't move, let the other cook for 2 minutes, after 2 minutes, the pot body temperature should reach 38 DHS 0 F - 420 DHS F (193 DHS - 216 DHS) after 2 minutes, remove scooping up the eggs with the spatula record egg difficulty, then remove and pan tilt, observe the eggs from the bottom of the pot to the difficulty of the sliding out, to the pan in the oven, the eggs flanging and broke it, and let it cook for 2 minutes, and record the pot any stains as well as the quantity of adhesive material.


The two pan with vegetable oil gently wipe the inner surface, with greater than 60 DHS C hot water cleaning with liquid detergent. To heat of one of the POTS, keep the temperature at 150 DHS C ~ 170 DHS between C, the eggs into the pot does not add any oil, until the egg cooked, then use plastic spatula remove eggs. To another pot heating to 150 DHS C ~ 170 DHS C, 0.3 L of fresh milk, four eggs, 0.1 Kg of flour, add a pinch of salt pancakes, thickness of coating on the surface in the bottom of the pot to make it for 2-3 mm do not add any fat or other lubricating oil when cooking, until cooked. And then removed with plastic shovel. Let the pan under optimum temperature cooling, and wet soft cloth to wipe the coating. Records are testing whether can remove intact, the inner surface of the pot is swabbed clean (removed intact or scrub clean sentenced to qualified).

Four,adhesion fastness:

1, domestic (QB/T2421-98)

Remove the sample into boiling water for 15 minutes (sample timing starts when immersed in water after the water boiling), natural cooling to room temperature after dry with a soft cloth. With a sharp single blade and steel ruler or special cross template imprint 11 in coating are 2.4 mm apart, 38 mm long parallel scratches, then repeat the above steps is perpendicular to the scratch direction (100), the tip must penetrate the coating to metal. With a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive tape (3 m - 898) adhesion in scratch, taped direction parallel to a set of scratch line. Friction tape forcibly with nails, remove tape adhesion in the air, and make it with coating adhesion to the greatest extent. Pull tape one end with finger, and according to the 90 DHS right Angle quickly pulled up hard, continuous three times, each time must be the new tape. Rotate the scratches 90 DHS £such repeat the above steps with new tape.

2, CMA

In distilled water or pure water boil in an hour. On the coating with a knife piercing the cross line of coating 100, (898) in the region of the graticule stick on 3 m tape. With rapid drag force after remove the tape pull, coating should not fall off.

3, Calphalon

Coating on the horizontal and vertical direction of the row 10 mm * 10 mm line 11, consisting of 100 squares, line depth should be through the aluminum base. Put in boiling water for 15 minutes, the sample removed from the pan and let the free cooling. If you can't accommodate the entire test pot utensils for cooking, you can directly with the test pan boiling water. In cross area to put a tape (transparent glue) and yank tape, pencil end extrusion tape can be used. In the 90 s (plus or minus 30 s) after running parallel to the direction of the tape 180 DHS very fast towards tape. Two different direction in cross section, repeat the above steps 5 times respectively. Visual tapes with or without coating, no coating has said, not against it. And well documented.


The pot in a temperature of 220 + 5 DHS C plants (such as corn) 3 hours in the cooking oil. Cooling pan, with a temperature greater than 60 DHS C hot water and liquid detergent mix thoroughly clean to remove all grease, and then placed in the surrounding environment of not less than 60 minutes. Used a new razor blade in the pan surface to about 2 mm square wire mesh shadow area of 25 mm, in order to test, blade through holding pressure on the mesh line shaded area at the grassroots level and bandwidth for 25 mm of pressure sensitive adhesive has a adhesion of not less than 3 n / 10 mm. At a speed of 1 m/s, dragging the tape quickly to crossing Angle of 45 DHS horizontal and pull back. Places a four strips of regional pressure sensitive adhesive, and removed in the same way. If there is a surface material from grassroots and record. By immersed in boiling water for 15 minutes instead of into cooking oil for 3 hours, repeat the above steps. Warning: when tested with cooking oil cannot be too careful. Due to the prescribed temperature close to the oil splash, therefore must have a certain ventilation conditions.


Five, the domestic various tests:

1, acid resistance,

Will be about two-thirds of 2% acetic acid solution into the sample height, take out after soaking by room temperature 2 h, wash clean with clear water, wipe dry with a soft cloth after using four times a magnifying glass to check whether there is peeling, non-stick coating surface crack, shrinkage cavity.

2, alkali resistance,

2% of the sodium carbonate solution about two-thirds into sample height, take out after soaking by room temperature 2 h, wash clean with clear water, four times the magnifying glass with a soft cloth to wipe dry after use to check whether there is peeling, non-stick coating surface cracking phenomenon.

3, thermal quenching stability (clean)

Heat the sample into the walls inside the oven temperature to 250 + 5 ℃, the heat preservation immediately after 5 min at room temperature water cooling 1 min, wipe dry, with four times the magnifying glass check non-stick surface, repeat the above steps five times if there is a blistering, cracking defects.

4, thermal quenching stability (high temperature)

Heat the sample into the walls inside the oven temperature to 170 + 5 ℃, the heat preservation immediately after 5 min at room temperature of cold water for 1 min, wipe dry, with four times the magnifying glass check non-stick surface, repeat the above steps five times if there is a sparkling, cracking and discoloration phenomenon obviously.

5, scratch resistance,

Will the air writing from 0. 097 kpa gas source, gas holding the pen, press the second wheel contact surface coating, in the case of perpendicular, balanced mobile gas the pen, draw a 40 mm to 50 mm scratch. Visual scratches, coating is not removed from the sum of the total length of not less than 10%. (began to check whether a ball-point pen flexible rotation, continuous line) ballpoint pen to write on the paper

6, hardness, high temperature paint)

Part used cut a knife cut wood, make the ink in cylindrical reveal about 3 mm. And then placed on a hard flat surface of 400 # water sand paper, will lead the vertical circle in the sand paper, grind slowly, until the pencil tip into plane, the sharp edge of the check. Use coating layer upward, fixed sample, holding a pencil about 45 degree Angle, with pencil lead broken degrees, in the coating layer on the surface, push, push at the rate of uniform 1 cm/s about 1 cm, in the coating layer on the surface scratching each draw a time on the tip of the ink grinding Joe, a total of five times. Coating layer blowing broken or scratches two way or two way for not qualified, pressure make coating hollows phenomenon should not be considered. If the inspector general of coating without scar, usable eraser to carbon powder, to toward the direction of vertical Yu Qiaohua into the surface of 45 degrees to the sample for visual inspection, can ever other is considered to be bruising. (minimum for qualified by 2 h)

7, stripping fastness

Remove the sample into boiling water for 15 minutes, after natural cooling to room temperature with a soft dry cloth. Scraping by surgical blade 90 degrees of direction to the coating to metal substrate, produce wide 1. 5 ~ 3 mm, 30 ~ 50 mm long incision, then with their thumb nail along the incision into a right-angle direction try stripping coating from the substrate. (coating, stripped away from the edge of a knife to scratch the distance should be not more than 6 mm.)